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Thursday, April 22, 2010

Putting it together

One of the problems I am having is deciding how to best put my information together. A few years ago I compiled the family information with what I knew then and self published a booklet. There were many major mistakes with it including the lack of sources! Yikes! Nowadays I document everything-even if I find it on a website. Documentation is vital!

So I am pondering how to do this so that more people can view my information or collaborate with me. Do I submit it to a commercial paid site? Or do I try something different? I like different and am thinking of new ways to contribute to the genealogy world.Unique would be great.

Stay tuned as the smoke rises from Jersey as I ponder how to do this!

Monday, April 5, 2010


Too often we look at our old pictures and don't recognize the people in them. Sometimes the urge is to toss them. Don't despair, hang on to them.

Twice I had incidents where people had copies of the same pictures that I had. My husband's cousin in Idaho had a copy of the picture that my mother-in-law copied for me. My husband's grandfather identified the people in the picture. The cousin had no clue who the people in the picture were but thanks to Pop she now has the names.

Last week my cousin had two pictures that I already had. One was given to me by our great-aunt; the second was from my second cousin's family. Also in the pile of pictures was one of our greatuncle. This greatuncle's son only had one picture of his dad. Because he had that one picture, I was able to identify his dad.

Maureen Taylor writes a wonderful daily blog and for Family Tree Magazine. Each week she explains in great detail how to identify people through clothes and setting by using pictures she finds or have been sent to her. Visit her site at Maybe you too can find great hints about photos.