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Sunday, January 29, 2012

Working on the flea market find-WW1 Book

I was doing wonderfully on the flea market find mother board went on my computer! Good thing I had back everything up on my external hd...whew! I didn't lose much and plan to go back to it this week.

Some of the fascinating aspects of the book is discovering the life events of these men. Some continued to serve the military while others returned to their civilian lives. Although it is not complete I hope it will help others with their research.

One database I have been using is the Veteran's Administration Grave Locator. It doesn't have everyone but helps to direct me in the location and area of the men listed in the book. I'm also using the Social Security Database to help me as well as records posted on Family Search, Rootsweb, and Ancestry.

Another neat item I am discovering is that it is not just men but women who are included. These groups consist of regular army, officers, nurses, and civilians. I don't know if the civilians are local to the place where the book was made. Time should help clear that issue.