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Wednesday, July 1, 2015

Looking at it again

I love the phrase, "Teach what you love." I have used that phrase through the years often with wonderful and surprising results. But did you know that teaching genealogy can help you find clues for your own research? It does happens to me...

I was giving a presentation recently and was using the rule of thumb for documents: that most documents we use in genealogy are standard after 1900. Using that I showed my grandparents' marriage record and that of my ancestors' in 1829 for comparison. Staring right at me is the name of the person who married them, Levi Meech. Funny how you can look at  document over and over again and miss a little clue that that!

Sure enough, there he was in Baptist Missionary Magazine donating money at the convention in 1849 thus confirming  yet another connection with my Browns to the Caswells.

Isn't genealogy fun?!