Arches at Glendalough 2009

Saturday, April 20, 2013

Loving this conference...don't know who is more impressive? Introducing Dick Eastman or sitting in the front row with Steve Morse!

Connie Reik's talk on the War of 1812 was dynamic! Lots of great links to find your 1812 soldier. I also enjoyed Jolene Mullin's talk on colonial records in CT (her two volume book is massive!) and Jean Nudd's presentation on records found in NARA. (I am a NARA groupie!)

Wednesday, April 17, 2013

NERGC Manchester

I love the NERGC! Today was Librarians' and Teachers' Day. Although the day focused upon librarians, the teachers also benefitted. I walked away with many project ideas for my class as well as ways to get the history of a location into the hands of students. The best idea was the biography report that encouraged students to research on their own and was based upon the Core Curriculum Standards.

Ironically the same advice Judy Russell gave last week on the Legacy Family Tree webinar was repeated today...going in and telling a librarian your entire genealogical background will get you the glazed deer in the headlight look. But focusing your  question to a specific topic or record group will get you the collection you need or the answers you seek.

And the speakers were knowledgeable and shared great tips. I didn't know about genealogy and look forward to exploring this site. I've read Lisa Alzo's  articles and enjoyed hearing her as a speaker. Michael Hall's presentation on the War of 1812 pension records was great as well as William Forsyth's Proquest presentation. Christine  Sharbrough was a riot and a genealogist's friend. Josh Taylor was great as usual and having lunch with Marianne Marcussen was delightful.

I am looking forward LTD in Providence in 2015.