Arches at Glendalough 2009

Saturday, April 9, 2011

My head is full!

Can my head be crammed with any more information? What a fabulous conference!
Today I saw Mel again and still learned even more about the vast genealogy information out there. Mel stressed that there is so much in college/universities collections that you never know what you will find.

Did you know that up to 1921 all of the birth, marriage, and deaths in Ireland and northern Irelnad were together? It makes sense now that I know about the Easter uprising in 1922. It was at that point when the six counties in northern Ireland began collecting the information separately from the other 26 counties in free Ireland.

And then there was the 1940 Census. If you go to NARA there is an offical countdown to when the census will be available. Go to and look for the 1940 census. The good news is that it will be online at NARA on this day. The bad news is that there is no index or microfilm copy. I would recommend that once you find your relatives, make a hard copy because you never know. The best discovery was that there are two places on the pages where they asked more information of the person on that line. It could be a potential gold mine of information.

I will digest the knowledge I gained and post more information as I remember it.

Whoo! Whoo! I love NERGC!

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