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Wednesday, November 16, 2011

New clues to old reasearch

Yes! I've have not blogged as much as I wanted to this year.But I'm hoping to remedy that!

One of the most exciting things to happen these last few months has to be new clues to past research. Recently I was able to connect with a second cousin. His grandmother was the younger sister to my gr-grandmother. I tried in vain to find and contact him for 25 years but met with no success. Ironically his sister and my sister worked together for years! They never knew they were related! (My sister piped up afterwards that she felt that there was something familiar about his sister!) From pictures to stories he was able to contribute to my research tremendously. I never knew my grandmother-she died four years before I was born. I feel as if he has pushed aside a curtain and allowed me to peer into a window of my family heritage that I previously glimpsed through. We hope to meet each other in 2012 when we both return home for a visit next summer.

Another great find was a book titled, Swamp Yankee From Mystic. I picked it up at a used book store with the intention of giving it to my daughter's friend because her family was also from Connecticut. When I showed it to her friend, I happen to open to a page where the author's father purchased an old house. Lo and behold it was my ancestor's house! I was able to connect with the author's son who sent me pictures of the house! Ironically, again, I had just met him in September when I gave a talk to the historical group of which he is president.

My friend Audrey always tells me that when the ancestors want to be found they will let you know. Hmmm...

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