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Tuesday, October 23, 2012

I'm back!!!

After a crazy spring and summer, I am bound and determined to return my blog! So many great genealogy ideas have been rolling through my mind that I have been itching to blog since school began on September.

A few weeks ago I gave a presentation to OCGS. (They are awesome! Come and visit them in Toms River.) My presentation was focused upon the debris of living and finding things at flea markets and online. Funny thing, I opened my latest FTM and there was an article about what I just  discussed with OCGS!

Remember back in January that I posted my great flea market find-the military book from WW1? I spent time in May visiting NEHGS trying to locate where the book was created. Thanks to the help David Lambert gave me, it seems that the book was from a military hospital based in Texas called, "Camp Dick." I have begun to research the people listed in there. Some names like "Ryan" and "Jones" have given me a run for my money. But some names have lead to some interesting sources. I haven't decided how I will share this. (Yes I like to share!) I will keep you posted.

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