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Friday, August 9, 2013

Bankruptcy Records part 1

The next groups of blogs will focus upon the list of names found in the bankruptcy records for Job Tabor and Stephen Tripp. This is the first set of records. Each group is a hand-written page...
As I was transcribing this it was interesting to find two women on the list, Lucy Smith and Ann B. Coit. To calculate what it is worth, use an inflation calculator. Try a few- I found the total for this first page was worth in today’s cost is roughly $300,000.

Any place with a (?) is a word/letter I could not read or decipher.

First page
No. 1
New London District of Connecticut, March 17, 1803 Debts proved against Misters Tabor and Trip NegT (?)
Asahel Otis                         $61.62
Samuel Mather                 $1513.25
William W. Houghton     $196.89
Stephen Prentice             $22.12
George Williams               $103.87
Ephraim Browning           $326.37
Crossed out Thomas Williams
Jonathan Starr & sons    $144.58
Jacob B. Gurley                 $1520.35
John Beckwith                   $86.50
James Baxter                     $241.19
Daniel Chapman               $486.56
Bonds for the Custom house as Jed. Huntington Collector statement
Gabriel Sistar                     $839.09
Vaux (?) Huret (?) & Franklin
Lucy Smith                          $31. 99
Samuel Hayes                    $300
Ditto                                      $759.93
Crossed off                         $4059.95
Ann B. Coit                          $95.43
Lemuel Wells & Company            $287.42
John Arnold                        $4460.00
Edward Chappell              $1246.90
Ditto                                      $42.95
Written small $1289.85
Continued forward




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