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Tuesday, January 20, 2015

The Genealogy Roadshow on PBS is back. I watched the first episode on demand and still have that the feeling that I had when I first saw it last year. "More, please!" I loved the first episode of the year and can't wait until Tuesday night to see "more" of the show.

The stories from the first show were fabulous. I enjoyed each and everyone of them. My favorite was the Mardi Gras queen seeking out her family history and her involvement with the Mardi Gras parade. I felt and understood her anger and wanted to hug and cry with her. But I also want her to know that her ancestor would be proud of the fact that she would remember and honor him and was loved by her family today. I hope they will do a "follow-up" showing her costume honoring his life.

 I loved the story of the couple with the Italian ancestors from the same town. When host Mary Tedesco told the couple that their families probably knew each, the ornery side of me shouted, "More!" I know that with just a little more research they probably would be related to each other. And after having the pleasure to hearing Mary speak last March, I'm certain she knew that too.

I am looking forward to seeing the Philadelphia show. I am certain that I will be shouting, "More, please!" before this episode is over.

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