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Sunday, November 28, 2010

Christmas Genealogy Crafts

This Wednesday, the Ocean County Genealogy Society in Toms River isn't having a speaker. They are having a Christmas idea exchange. I love idea exchanges because you can walk away with some neat ideas for sharing your genealogy.

With that in mind, here are some ideas I have used over the years.
Christmas cards: I've been making my own Christmas cards over the last ten years. I love working with paper and have some great comments from family and friends over the years. My friend from college recently told me that she likes to see what family design I incorporate each year. I've used old ads from family businesses to pictures for the cover and print my own holiday greeting inside. I purchase blank cards and envelopes from the local craft stores. I also include a small paragraph telling how the card relates to my genealogy.
Wreaths: Lisa Cooke has a wonderful idea on her website for incorporating pictures into a holiday wreath.
Feather Trees: My friend told me about her idea of making mini ornaments from her family pictures and hanging them on her feather tree. I also saw a variation of this in a craft store with a brass tree and ornaments. You only need to add your pictures to create a family holiday heirloom.

At a dollar store I found glass paper weights for one dollar. I glued a picture of my daughter with her boyfriend to the bottom and decoupage the bottom to adhere it. It was a simple gift and one she loved. You can also do the same on the bottom of a glass plate. Add some simple "rub on" stickers to rim.

I found this great "how to" online at that shows you how to make an ornament. This is on my list to try this year.

And don't overlook ideas from Martha Stewart. I've seen several ideas posted that include genealogy. But there are several ideas that could be adapted for genealogy. Look at the craft of the day or easy sewing projects for quick ideas.

The sky is the limit...have fun crafting your genealogy this holiday season.

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