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Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Tonight's meeting

The folks at Ocean County Genealogy Society out did themselves again! As I mentioned in my previous post the theme of their meeting was gift ideas. I saw some great ideas...from calendars to books to mouse pads to ornaments. I am inspired!

My genie pal made a beautiful ornament with her grandmother's picture in the middle. On the back of the ornament was basic genealogical information about her grandmother. Another member made gorgeous victorian ornaments that would make anyone envious!

I loved the tribute to "Uncle Bill", the WWII soilder who died five years ago. Each year since his death, his nephews go to a local VFW, place his picture and a glass of beer on the table and honor their family hero. They take pictures of the event and distribute pictures of the event via CDs to famiy members. What had started out with three people has now grown to a huge family event!

There were so many other good ideas! (placemats of family for the little tikes!)

If you are ever in Toms River on the first Wednesday, stop by and see this fabulous group!

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