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Sunday, May 17, 2015

Browns of eastern Connecticut

I am inspired! Every time I attend the NERGC conference (This year it was Providence, RI!) I come back home ready to sort through my dropped keys aka brick walls.

And of course the biggest "dropped key" are my Browns. It wouldn't be bad if there was one Brown or two, but the last count I had was five-three direct line; two relatives of the other three who married Browns. I have been focusing my research to see if the five are connected.  Separating them has helped too. But they keep returning to the same families.

I am getting closer to my answers. I just need to go back to the local location or to the Connecticut State Library to research.

The biggest clue is the Baptist church connection. I separated all the Browns married by Simeon and Ebenezer Brown including my Sabra/Sabrina and have been focusing on the families. Most of them are showing up in the Chad Brown Genealogy except for my Sabrina. By creating a chart showing which Brown was married by Ebenezer and Simeon I have been able to place everyone but my Sabrina and another person, Lucy Brown. (I have my fingers crossed that the two may be related!)

I am also focusing on Amos Brown who married Eunice Turner. They had a daughter Sabra who married and moved to upstate NY. the reason why I am focusing on them is that their naming patterns of children matches my Sabrina's children. Even the use of Sabra and Sabrina in their family records makes my genealogy antennae stand straight up. My theory is to focus Amos's brothers and see if my Sabrina pops in their records.

Of course I need to look at the church records too! (Fortunately they are on microfilm at the Connecticut State Library!)

My second line of Browns is my Zeruiah/Zerviah Buttolph who married Squire Richard Brown. The family Bible states his father is Silvanus/Sylvanus. I do find a Squire Richard Brown in the Brown genealogy with no other information. And remarkably these two do show up in -of all genealogies-the Cleveland Genealogy.

Bug eyed? Yes! But I have a feeling that the more I sort the Browns, the closer I am to getting an answer.

(BTW-next NERGC conference is in Springfield MA in 2017.)

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