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Sunday, May 24, 2015

When the genealogy bites-HARD!

My sisters were never really interested in genealogy. My youngest sister would drive around with me and send me things as she found them, she didn't have the time to look for me. Our middle sister could care even less... until last summer. What a gem to have her help! She has even taken pictures of cows for me!

So what does a cow have to with genealogy? She spent an entire day driving around looking for a small cemetery on a back road. She went by the same area three times before the said cow, mooed, and ran towards the cemetery she was looking for. It gives a new meaning to cow tipping.

Then she has made friends at the local historical societies that I have been trying to get to visit. The result? Two books on the local history and a stack of records.

Have faith that one your siblings/cousins/relatives get bitten by the genealogy bug. And let's hope they get it bitten hard. :)

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